Fasting Challenge

March 5 - August 7

We invite you to join in a churchwide journey of fasting and prayer. One day a week, from now until we open our new campus at 3330 Eldorado Parkway, we are asking you to commit to a concerted effort, to pray and fast for our church. Pick what day is best for you.


What Is Fasting?

  • The practice of humbling yourself before God.
  • Voluntarily reducing or eliminating your intake of food or drink for an allotted, specific time and purpose.

Fasting Is NOT

  • An ego boost.
  • To appear holy or more spiritual.
  • For public consumption.

How To Fast

  • Abstain from food or drink for a purpose-driven, set amount of time.
  • This time should also be set aside for prayer, as much as you are able.

What To Pray For

  • God’s provision for 3330 Eldorado Parkway.
  • Life change to continue in countless ways at GM.
  • Unity of vision and values.


Please e-mail with any questions.