The History of GM

Genesis Metro Church began in the hearts and minds of Tim & Carrie Bourne in the summer of 2002. By faith, they moved their family to Frisco, Texas, with the dream of building a church that valued people in such a way that lives would be changed. They assembled a team of three Pastors, and began with Bible studies in homes, focusing their efforts on building relationships.

In the summer of 2004, Genesis Metro Church grew from one weekly bible study to four LifeGroups. The decision was made to make their meetings public, and so began the Sunday services of GM. They began meeting at Boals Elementary School in Northwest Frisco, and grew to over 100 attendees within the first 5 services. Due to growth and parking needs, they moved to Pink Elementary School in November of 2005. Over seven years at Pink Elementary, they grew to over 400 in attendance. During these years, GM’s leadership focused on mission work in Honduras, as well as a multitude of community service efforts at home.

On Easter Sunday of 2011, GM moved to their current location on John W. Elliott Drive, after a challenging renovation process of a former plumbing supply warehouse. This location enabled the church to grow by leaps and bounds while providing a permanent facility for Sunday worship services, student ministry activities, LifeGroup Bible studies, GM en Espanol and so much more.

In February of 2019, Genesis Metro Church purchased a 12 acre property on Eldorado Parkway. This location will provide a permanent facility, enabling them to continue to grow and impact the community, build strong families, young adults, teens and children. There is a strong sense of purpose behind the labor of love their membership pours out each week. It’s this purpose that has been the heartbeat behind each year of growth; and will continue for years to come.

Pastors Tim & Carrie, and their three sons, have lead Genesis Metro Church as the founding family since 2002. They are all intricately involved in the life of the church and continue planning and dreaming for the decades of ministry that are to come. It is their vision and resolve that lead the staff and elders, volunteer leaders and weekly attenders to keep moving forward. Everything they do is driven by the desire to reach people, to love unconditionally and to see life change as a response to the Word of God. The real story of Genesis Metro is in the people: lives impacted, marriages saved, people finding the reality of God and their real purpose.