The Spring 2023 Semester of GM LifeGroups kicks off the week of February 5-11. Scroll down to view groups and read FAQ!

The purpose of LifeGroups at GM is to exemplify Galatians 6:2 : "Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ." As believers, our love for God is displayed in our love for people.

We weren't designed to live life alone. In order to progress in our spiritual walk, and in connection to the church, we need to surround ourselves with people who have the same goals. Lives are changed through involvement and influence. We call this living life together.

GM LifeGroups are small groups of adults that meet regularly in someone’s home for connection, prayer, and spiritually driven discussions of depth.

"Who do you have in your life that will push you? Most of us resist the push, but we will never reach our potential without one. We all need someone who is walking with us, and is willing to push us into God's purpose."
Tim Bourne

GM LifeGroups

20s & 30s

SUNDAY @ 12:30PM

David & Sarah Steele

Living Life is a mix of life stages (20s / 30s.) We’re a group that loves to change things up with adventures and outings like mini golf, sporting events, and dining out! We enjoy great discussion of the Bible & Sunday’s message while creating authentic relationships. This semester, we are focusing on local service projects, and we would love for you to join us!



Sonny & Courtney Cano

Childcare Provided

Come share in all of life’s blessings & challenges with a brand new LifeGroup! No matter where you are in your walk with Christ, whether it’s your first or five-hundredth visit to GM, if your status is single, married, or “it’s complicated”, or if you’re kid-free to “you have how many?!” – you will be welcomed with big smiles, good food & great fellowship!


Oak Point

Aaron & Kristen Milner
Robert & Calli Laurence

Childcare Provided

Our family-oriented group strives to be a place where you can find a Godly community. In our group, you’ll find people who love & support, and also people who will step into the messy blessing called life. We love living life together – we eat, pray, laugh, and grow together. Come join in!


Aubrey/Northeast Frisco

Justin & Erin James
Michael & Natalia Muniz

Childcare Provided

We are young, growing families who desire for our kids to see the value of Godly community as much as we do! We enjoy growing together through shared family life experiences, and engaging Biblical discussions. Bring the kids and join us!


West Frisco

Greg & Dana Scherman
Anna Blanton

Childcare Provided

Looking for Christian community in a relaxed environment? Look no further than Sunday Funday! Our LifeGroup is made up of believers in mixed ages and stages of life. We aim to support Genesis Metro and grow in our relationship with Christ while also enjoying food, fellowship, and fun!



Ryan & Katie Magwire
Kevin & Katie Ulshafer

We are real people, with real struggles who know that life is better when you intentionally grow relationships with Godly families. Finding others who care about you, and will be there when you need them most is what The LifeGroupies is all about. Most of us are parents of elementary-aged kids, and, yes, we love them – but let’s be real – it’s important to set aside time to connect as adults and couples. Everyone is welcome in The LifeGroupies!


West Frisco – The Knolls of Frisco

Kristen & Eric Blear
Matt & Anna Ray

Childcare Provided

Come one, come all! This group has something for everyone: from empty-nesters to families with elementary-aged kids, we believe that blending families in all life stages provides opportunities for perspective, affirmation, and challenging one other as we progress in our faith. We also have a lot of fun along the way and would love to meet you!


West Frisco

Kyle & Rae Lynn McNeil

We are a group with a heart for ministry and a desire to serve others. We are parents of children from elementary through college, and enjoy meeting because we love each other and appreciate living in community! We have a focus on inspiring Life Change through authentic, meaningful, and selfless relationships.


West Frisco – Grawhawk

Colby & Regina Pigg

Breaking Bread is a lively LifeGroup, open to all ages, though many of us have teens, college-age, and young adult kids. Our goal is to build community and experience life together through authentic relationships, spirited discussions of Pastor Tim’s sermons, and great food!


Little Elm

Carl & Deidre Miller
Matt & Susie Wise

Our group definitely has a “come as you are” culture. Though most of us are parents of teens and young adults, we are a melting pot of different backgrounds, careers, and relationships. We love to laugh, and we have a great time, but we also recognize the need for transparency and holding each other accountable. We love doing life together!



Compton & Lynette Plummer

We are brand-new daytime LifeGroup committed to growing together and making lasting friendships! All ages and stages are welcome, please join us!


West Frisco – Grayhawk

Mark & Kelley Handy
Robbie & Kendra Fletcher

New Roads is a LifeGroup for empty-nesters and parents of high school students, however, all are welcome! In addition to building community and friendships through LifeGroup activities, we plan to participate in community outreach and service projects. We’d love for you to join us on the journey!


North Little Elm

Christie Nelson
Cindy Quinn

A LifeGroup for women, by women… The Well. We are here to Worship, Encourage, Love, and Learn together. We know that as we support each other and find depth in Godly community, we will see life change as a response to God’s Word. All women, of any age or stage of life are welcome!



Trudy Fox
Jimmy & Maria Muniz

Reflect & Revive is a fun-loving group! Most of us have kids who have left the nest, but some of us have school-aged children as well. We love having people of all stages of life! We believe that each of us has lessons learned and lessons earned that we should share with one another. We love digging into God’s Word to grow in our relationship with Him and each other. We’d love to have you!


Genesis Metro Church

Young Adults @ GM serves young adults, ages 18-30, in various stages of the YA journey! YA Connection Events are intentionally designed to create opportunities for young adults in the greater Frisco area to find Godly community and a place to worship, serve, and give.

Join us for the opportunity to meet new people, and to grow deeper in God’s Word & in church community!


Frisco Rail District

Ric & Natasha Wilson

Our culture is saturated with false teachings about what it means to be blessed, but what does the Bible say about it? How can we truly live blessed lives? With humor, passion, and clarity, Ric and Natasha will lead a Biblical study written by Pastor Robert Morris, who presents the secrets of living a blessed life, both financially and spiritually. When God changes your heart from selfishness to generosity, every part of your life journey is affected. Group size is limited and will be re-started each semester.


North Frisco

Adrian & Jennifer Chavez
Peter & April Tassani

Childcare Provided

The Good Friday LifeGroup is all about people! Our heart is to grow the Kingdom, for the glory of God. We strive to utilize each member’s personality and skills to create a family atmosphere where every person can connect, walk seasons of life with others, and grow their relationship with God. Our purpose in all things we do is to exemplify the law of Christ, live in community, and bear each other’s burdens. With Jesus Christ at the foundation of our lives, every Friday is a Good Friday!


What is a LifeGroup?

A LifeGroup is a small group of adults who gather together on a regular basis to encourage, challenge, discuss, and create community. Essentially it is a place for you to ‘do life together.’

How Do I Join A LifeGroup?

There are three ways to join a LifeGroup!

1 – Click on a button below the LifeGroups you are interested in to contact Leaders directly. Let them know you’d like more information or would like to visit their group.

2 – Complete the LifeGroup Interest Form above. Share a little about yourself, and we’ll match you up with a group that meets your needs.

3 – Email us at, include some information about what you’re looking for in a LifeGroup, and we’ll reply with some group suggestions that we believe will be a good fit!

When and where do LifeGroups meet?

GM LifeGroups meet on a semester schedule, taking place in the spring and fall of each year for approximately 12 weeks each semester. Groups are located throughout the city of Frisco and the surrounding communities.

What happens at LifeGroup?

While every group has a unique personality, all LifeGroups gather for a meal, share laughter and fun with games & icebreakers, followed by discussion of Sunday’s message, and prayer.

Is childcare provided?

Each LifeGroup handles their childcare needs differently. Some offer childcare in the host home, or at a nearby home in the same neighborhood. Often, trusted GM students provide childcare for a nominal fee shared by parents.

LifeGroups that have childcare arrangements are noted in the description.

What is the role of the LifeGroup leader?

GM fosters an environment of servant leadership. LifeGroup leaders serve the church and have a heart to contribute. They provide their groups with vision, direction and support. They don’t need to be Bible experts or teachers in order to lead. Leaders are successful when they are active and growing in their own relationship with Christ, and are connected to the vision and values of GM. Leaders are encouraged not to lead alone. They invite co-leaders who offer support and leadership within the group. Each LifeGroup leader is supported by a LifeGroup Captain, who is supported by the LifeGroup Pastor.