LifeGroups are currently on summer hiatus! Check back this fall for new & current group information!

The purpose of LifeGroups at GM is to exemplify Galatians 6:2 : "Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ." As believers, our love for God is displayed in our love for people.

We weren't designed to live life alone. In order to progress in our spiritual walk, and in connection to the church, we need to surround ourselves with people who have the same goals. Lives are changed through involvement and influence. We call this living life together.

GM LifeGroups are small groups of adults that meet regularly in someone’s home for connection, prayer, and spiritually driven discussions of depth. Click the LEARN MORE! button below to contact a staff member for more information!

"Who do you have in your life that will push you? Most of us resist the push, but we will never reach our potential without one. We all need someone who is walking with us, and is willing to push us into God's purpose."
Tim Bourne


What is a LifeGroup?

A LifeGroup is a small group of adults who gather together on a regular basis to encourage, challenge, discuss, and create community. Essentially it is a place for you to ‘do life together.’

Why should I be part of a LifeGroup?

Simply put, we all need community. We are designed to be God’s personal agents to encourage, challenge and care for one another. The Bible says it like this in Galatians 6:2 – “Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” We share our highs and our lows, and support one another in the process.

When and where do LifeGroups meet?

GM LifeGroups meet on a semester schedule, taking place in the spring and fall of each year for approximately 12 weeks each semester. Groups are located throughout the city of Frisco and the surrounding communities.

What happens at LifeGroup?

While every group has a unique personality, all LifeGroups gather for a meal, share laughter and fun with games & icebreakers, followed by discussion of Sunday’s message, and prayer.

Is childcare provided?

Each LifeGroup handles their childcare needs differently. Some offer childcare in the host home, or at a nearby home in the same neighborhood. Often, trusted GM students provide childcare for a nominal fee shared by parents.

LifeGroups that have childcare arrangements are noted in the description.

What is the role of the LifeGroup leader?

GM fosters an environment of servant leadership. LifeGroup leaders serve the church and have a heart to contribute. They provide their groups with vision, direction and support. They don’t need to be Bible experts or teachers in order to lead. Leaders are successful when they are active and growing in their own relationship with Christ, and are connected to the vision and values of GM. Leaders are encouraged not to lead alone. They invite co-leaders who offer support and leadership within the group. Each LifeGroup leader is supported by a LifeGroup Captain, who is supported by the LifeGroup Pastor.