Who We Are

We believe God’s Word is alive and active and pushes us all to life change.

We’ve intentionally created an environment where life change can be fostered in your life. We place a strong value on passionate worship and relevant preaching. We believe we show the heart of God when we serve each other in various ways, and when we show up to participate in a community of people who are purposed for the same goals. We want your life to be better every week after you experience God through the ministries of GM. We know God desires the same for you!

Genesis Metro Church
measures success in one way...
Life Change as a response to the
Word of God.



The Bible says, “It’s not good for man to be alone.” Many of us live lives of isolation, and living isolated can bring us to unhealthy places. God created us for relationships. He created us to love, help and serve each other. At GM, our motto is, ‘It’s all about people.’ Jesus said it this way, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ Our vision is that we would understand and begin to truly live this out… in our homes, at work, play, church and everywhere we go.


We have found that life is better, together. Our church leaders share their lives with others. They share how God has impacted them, as well as their struggles and mistakes. This level of authenticity engages people and helps them relate. When we relate to those who are purveying the Word of God, it’s easier to embrace the lessons God is showing us personally. You can go at your own pace, but at GM, you’ll be challenged and loved as you grow. We are truly better together.


We believe the ultimate goal of the Christian life is to live a life of worship. Worship is simply expressing our heart and gratitude to God. It’s not something that is limited only to Sunday mornings at church. God has called us to live a life that is defined by worship. The ultimate goal of our church is to develop believers who live in such a way that every act of every day is an act of worship to our great God. And from that posture, everything else flows.


Our Purpose

The purpose of Genesis Metro Church is to show people the love of God, help them connect to Him personally, and join God in His purposes. Once one meets God and experiences the love of Jesus, it’s our job to help them develop and strengthen their relationship with Him. That process is called discipleship. We believe this is essential to our effectiveness as a church. Jesus taught that the goal of the Church is to make disciples by sharing His teachings.

At GM, we desire to be agents of change in the world around us. Each of us gets to participate in sharing Christ with others, and serving each other as needs arise. It is incredibly impactful when someone realizes for the first time that God can use them to make an eternal difference in others. To help the hopeless find hope, to see the lost found by God, and to help foster discipleship and growth in every person.

"Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well."
1 Thessalonians 2:8