107 Days Of Prayer

June 5 - September 17 2022

Church Family, We are in an exciting and challenging season! We know cannot do this alone, so we invite you to join us for 107 Days Of Prayer.

107 Days Of Prayer is a commitment to pray specifically for the construction project at 3330 Eldorado Parkway. Beginning June 5, we will pray for 107 days (15 weeks). When you text the word ‘PRAY’ to 469-793-7107, you are committing to be part of this special endeavor. You will be placed in a small group that will pray on an assigned day of the week for specific topics & needs, and also have the opportunity to gather in-person to pray on the land.

We truly cannot wait to see God work in our church and in our families, as we pray in a collective, purposeful way. Won’t you join us?