Furnish The Future

March 19 - June 1

Help FURNISH THE FUTURE at the soon-to-be-home of Genesis Metro Church!

Peruse the custom website to purchase items in various spaces throughout the property. This is a wish list of needs in each classroom, worship space, office, and gathering place at 3330 Eldorado Parkway. You’ll notice some items are necessities, and some are dreams. After prayerful consideration, we decided to take a page out of Nehemiah’s playbook and make the need known; after all…’you have not because you ask not.’

There is nothing like accomplishing a goal together, especially when we are doing so in serving our great God. He has called us to continue the movement He started over 20 years ago. Let’s keep the momentum going and carry on the legacy of generational life change. Let’s furnish the future for all that is to come!

Click the button below to see how you can contribute to Furnish the Future!